BPCA Associates 

A great leader attracts great people and knows how to facilitate them.


    BPCA works with a number of Associates to bring out the best in our clients.  



     Jillian Murray - BPCA Senior Associate. 


Jillian is accredited in the use of MBTI and DiSC diagnostics.  

She has worked with a broad cross section of professional, executive and corporate clients in Australia, Singapore, the United Kingdon and Ireland, including; Multinationals, FMCG's Companies, Financial & Professional Services, within manufacturing and government.  

With a signifcant background in Theatre and Education Jillian focusses her finely tuned sensibility to enhance performance and presentation skills, with a deep appreciation of how to utilize the dynamics of confidence and mutual respect, to facilitate practical outcomes.  

Jillian brings a complex understanding of group dynamics and the importance of building upon personal strengths to develop presentation and networking skills.

Click on this link to download Jillian's C/V.