The International Coaching Federation - Australasia

  In a special Professional Development Webinar presents 

'Insight in Coaching' with Trisha Avery (B.P.C.A.)

'How to work cross-culturally and build a coaching practice in the Asian region'

This is a unique and exciting opportunity to hear from one of the most successful coaches in the Asia-Pacific region.  

It's an opportunity to better understand the Asian business world with a specific focus on China 

and to identify how to build a sustainable coaching practice focused on this rapidly growing region. 

During this webinar Trisha will explain how to build a coaching practice in China and other Asian hubs,
Including how to:
  • Become a thought leader in your own area.

  • Work with the special interests of South-East Asia and China.

  • Understand the relationship between coaching and mentoring.

  • Communicate your coaching offering.

  • Research the special needs of the businesses you are targeting.

  • Understand the commercial pressures of diverse locations and cultural values.

  • Develop a commercial and sustainable relationship.