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The 2014 'Executive Coaching Survey' shows that the global demand for executive coaching is at a record high and predicted to grow exponentially over the next decade.

Executive coaching fees continue to be the highest in the Learning and Development sector and the demand for credentialed professional expertise is growing.

The BPCA Masterclasses can help you develop the skills, strategies and models to work successfully and sell lucrative programs to leading organisations today.

Theories of Executive Coaching

This programme focusses on:


Developing your understanding of what performance excellence looks like?

How to develop a more successful executive coaching practice through an understanding of the key theories of Executive Coaching.

In order to continue to develop as a 'professional' you need to be articulate and erudite about the theoretical underpinnings of your practice. Understanding theory can assist in developing and designing coaching programmes for individuals, teams and the organization as a whole system.

Theories that will be explored include;

  • Existential Coaching,
  • Group Coaching,
  • Solution Focussed Coaching,
  • Systems Theory,
  • Psychodynamic,
  • Cognitative and
  • Behavoiral applications.

Coaching for Leadership and Performance


This programme focusses on:

  • Assess your client's leadership needs.
  • Design a bespoke coaching programme to deliver leadership transformation.
  • Understand what performance means for your client and their organization.
  • Learn how to integrate this knowledge into their coaching programme.
  • Understand performance ratings and measurments.
  • Identify appropriate surveys, relevant reporting systems and diagnostics.
  • Map contemporary diagnostics.

What is executive performance?  -  How do you measure executive excellence?

Executive Coaching in the Asia Pacific Region


This programme focusses on;

  • Growing your practice internationally
  • Learning how Executive Coaching is applied and understood in the Asia Pacific Region
  • Developing 'Best Practice' approach within diverse executive cultures.


Leadership and Strategic Business Performance


This programme focusses on:

  • Developing your executive awareness
  • Enhancing your professional expertise
  • Adding real value to your clients
  • Increasing your professional standing & rates
  • Strengthening your strategic practice
  • Elevating your client engagement skills

For further information - Contact Trisha Avery at BPCA on (03)9696 8180

BPCA offers a series of Masterclasses

Learn from one of Australia's top Executive Coaches

Trisha Avery works globally as an exceutive coach and behavioral business strategist.

Trisha is one of Australia and the Asia Pacific Region’s leading executive coaches. Her clients are Fortune 500 and ASX top 100 listed companies.  She works globally and coaches clients in North America, China, South East Asia, Australia, New Zealand and Europe.

Trisha's work focuses on senior executive development, team transformations and leadership excellence.

As well as 'One to One' coaching, Trisha designs and delivers surveys, business behaviour analysis and governance programmes.

Trisha works with N.G.O.'s, Multi-Nationals, Government Commissioners, Boards, Committees and Executive Management Teams.

Trisha has run professional development and master classes for corporations, psychologists, other coaches, and HR professionals and medical personnel.

Trisha has a depth of theoretical and practical knowledge in all coaching methodologies studying (amongst others) with The Tavistock Institute, Regents College, Centre For Existential Practice, and has an MA in Psych and Counselling and is currently a Doctoral candidate at Middlesex University in London where she is focusing her research on Global leadership.