Diagnostic Instruments

Collaborative performance skills are crucial if you wish to operate within a globalised economy

BPCA utilises a number of diagnostic tools and psychometric instruments to differentiate the challenges facing leadership, enhance team performance and enable individual executives to achieve peak outcomes. BPCA also develops bespoke programs to equip contemporary leaders for the challenges of global futures.

BPCA works with MBTI, Firo B, Tavistock Insitute, California Psychology Press (CPP), Oxford Psychology Press (OPP) and Leadership Circle programs.

  Trisha Avery, the director of BPCA, is a doctoral candidate undertaking research into Global Leadership with a focus on Chinese corporate culture at Middlesex University, London. Trisha completed her Masters in Psychotherapy and Counselling at DeMontfort University in the U.K.

In addition BPCA engages a number of associates and partners, depending on the specific needs and opportunites of each project, including;

  Gary Willis (Ph.D. Univ Melb), is an accredited MBTI (C.P.P.) facilitator who works with both indivuals and teams.