Executive Performance

The only job where you start at the top is 'hole-digging'.

BPCA believes that the development of executive performance is an applied process that can provide a direct pathway to profound change. The 'one on one' process of executive coaching enables the coachee to reflect and develop insight. It provides more choices for thought and enables the implementation of whatever changes are necessary to create sustainable growth and make a quantifiable difference.  Executive Coaching, as distinct from other forms of coaching, focuses on leadership performance, but this development programme will support all forms of business performance. Enhanced communication, insightful and creative decision-making, conflict resolution and behavioural change are the key outcomes from a BPCA coaching programme. Any measurement of success quantifies these developments

BPCA designs programmes to;

  •  Increase your professional effectiveness as well as your personal fulfilment
  •  Understand the unique value of your contribution and develop authentic self-esteem
  •  Leverage your innate strengths and natural attributes for optimal performance outcomes
  •  Exercise your judgement based upon research and accurate self-assessment
  •  Achieve optimum outcomes based on emotional and organisational intelligence & effective communication
  •  Affect professional priorities & integrate personal balance into your life